Dorset Land Surveying


By far the largest quantity of survey work produced by Dorset Land Surveying falls within the category of Topographical Site Surveys (also called Land Surveys).  

Whether your survey is a survey for a new kitchen extension or a new hospital wing, Dorset Land Surveying has the right equipment, resources  and personnel to undertake and complete your survey within the timescale that you need.

We have over thirty years’ experience of mapping the existing site features of every conceivable type of landform; from marsh land to mountain peak, from busy high street to disused quarries, from open farmland to disused power stations.  

We have experience in mapping virtually every conceivable type of land condition.  From the southern coast of England to the North Yorkshire dales, we have demonstrated time and time again our ability to produce first rate, top quality competitive topographical site surveys. 

From fieldwork to finished drawing, our experience and skill enable us to tailor your specific project requirements into a digital topographical site survey that will precisely fit your development needs.


For any enquiries, please get in touch with Dorset Land Surveying.