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Gary Vaughan is one of the founding Directors of Dorset Land Surveying and has been involved in the resolution of boundary disputes for over 30 years. Through his training as a civil engineer he has established a wealth of experience over a wide variety of subjects that enable him to provide invaluable insight into the particular aspects of a large number of potential problems. Gary has become a well-known and respected authority in the fields of boundary demarcation, Rights of way and Highway and drainage and flooding disputes.  He is now the first choice ‘go to expert’ of many legal practitioners, local architects and estate agents when it comes to the matter of uncertainty over the position of legal boundaries and other potential dispute matters.

Boundary demarcation is a complicated area which requires specific skills and abilities that many non-specialist surveyors do not possess. All too often general practice surveyors become overly focused on Ordnance Survey mapping or Land Registry Title Plans which lack the accuracy to resolve the dispute in question.  Surveyors who have a limited understanding of boundary matters quite often exacerbate the situation by producing a result which is clearly wrong and which in turn leads to wasted time, wasted costs and a significant amount of stress.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in the situation of falling out with your neighbour over the position of the legal boundary you will need sound, well-thought-out, professional and experienced advice on the simplest, cheapest and most effective route to resolve your problem.

We offer an initial free telephone consultation service without obligation. This has proven very popular with property owners who are experiencing problems with their boundaries. Many have found that simply calling us and talking through their problem has enabled them to grasp a better understanding of their situation and as a consequence many disputes are resolved amicably and for a fraction of the cost of going to Court.

Just one call to Gary might be enough to put your mind at rest and speed up the process of resolving your boundary dispute.

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