Dorset Land Surveying


Dorset Land Surveying continues to provide its services to a large number of local government bodies, ranging from Parish and District Councils to County Councils and Regional Development Agencies.

Projects supported are diverse and varied. Schools and Colleges are quite typically the subject of topographical and measured building surveys but our organisational skills have also involved us in surveys of public amenities including house to house surveys with database creation of up to 80,000 properties in less than eight weeks.

Our surveyors are courteous and professional and well versed with most formats of data commonly used in the industry. We are also happy to deal with enquiries from members of the public as a result of our contribution to the project.

We are always happy to provide competitive tenders for any survey project and of course to talk through ways in which budgets can be met and deadlines complied with.


For any enquiries, please get in touch with Dorset Land Surveying.