Dorset Land Surveying


Quarries and landfills are hazardous working environments which require specialist knowledge to survey safely and effectively. Our experience in working in these areas is considerable. We understand the working practices and infrastructure of the particular environment and thus are ideally suited to work in a manner which brings minimal disruption to the day to day operation of your site.

Our surveyors are experienced in the production of surveys of quarry faces, stock heaps, tipping areas and restored landforms. We regularly produce digital ground models from our surveys facilitating the calculation of mineral extraction, void depletion and of course stock volumes. Data can be processed to show contoured surveys, cross section and 3D visualisations. Our ‘limited travel’ working systems enable us to approach cliff top areas that other surveyors cannot reach thus maximising survey reliability in a cost-effective manner. For further information please contact one of our surveyors.


For any enquiries, please get in touch with Dorset Land Surveying.