Dorset Land Surveying


One of the features that sets Dorset Land Surveying above its competitors is its resourcefulness and tenacity when faced with a survey task slightly out of the ordinary. As a company we are always prepared to put in that extra effort to ensure and guarantee complete client satisfaction. No matter how remote, no matter how awkward, no matter how adverse the prevailing conditions, we will collect the survey data to the accuracy required.


Disused mine workings, tunnels, culverts, caves and manmade voids. Our trained access specialists will survey anything, anywhere. We have over 40 years collective experience of surveying in the tightest and most awkward spaces. It really is true to say that no job is too small!



With growing awareness of Health and Safety issues it can be an expensive and time-consuming process to provide full and proper protection to access the full extent of many working areas. Cliff tops, unguarded retaining walls, flat roofs, steep embankments and quarry faces all pose problems when it comes to mapping their position. 

Dorset Land Surveying has staff trained in ‘limited travel’ techniques which allow us to approach and work right up to the edge of such features with safety and confidence. Removing the need for expensive scaffolding saves both time and money. If you have a project that poses difficulties, then call us now and talk through logistics with a member of our specialist team.


The impact of proposed development on established trees is of steadily increasing concern. It has become standard practice on most surveys not only to map the position of tree trunks and cardinal canopy positions but also to map the precise total outline of the tree canopy. Larger projects may require tree tagging, a process in which we have a good deal of experience.  Tree heights can also be ascertained to within an inch or so using modern red laser observations.


Many wet areas are not accessible by boat or open to survey by traditional hydrographical methods. We have a great deal of experience in dealing with projects which require the survey of such areas.

We have specialist equipment to enable or surveyors to enter shallow water in safety and to work in comfort.  Typically work in these areas include monitoring of beach profiles for beach replenishment projects; full flood plain survey including river bed profile observations for flood hydrograph calculations; survey of marsh and salt marsh areas for the location of ecological features.



For any enquiries, please get in touch with Dorset Land Surveying.