Dorset Land Surveying


In this day and age of increasing legislation and control, preparation for even the smallest of home improvements regularly requires the input of a specialist survey company. Here at Dorset Land Surveying we operate a philosophy of ‘no job too small’. This means that when you ask for our assistance with your building extension, new garage or even just a garden make-over you will receive full and proper attention from one of our experienced surveyors who will be able to talk through with you in detail the precise requirements of your particular survey.

Also falling within the residential sector are the infamous neighbour boundary disputes. We specialise in helping to resolve these types of dispute either by way of offering our complete impartial advice or, if required, by acting as arbitrator to bring about a common sense solution to the situation. For more information about our services please follow the links to contact our surveyors.


For any enquiries, please get in touch with Dorset Land Surveying.