Dorset Land Surveying



There are many areas where the services of Dorset Land Surveying can be of assistance to companies working in the housing industry. Our involvement can and often does commence at the feasibility study stage with many clients commissioning ‘outline’ or ‘preliminary’ surveys with a view to collecting as much information as possible with minimal financial exposure. Our topographical surveys underpin the design process and of course, if required, we can resolve those boundary, drainage and highway details as part of our support package. Our skill and abilities in the areas of street scenes and elevations will support your project through its planning phase and with the commencement of construction, our digital process of site control is without equal.

Many developers go on to use our as-constructed surveys as part of the conveyancing documentation in addition to the formal adoption process of highway and drainage authorities. From start to finish, Dorset Land Surveying has a valuable contribution to make to any proposed housing development. If you would like advice on your particular project please follow the links on our contacts page to get in touch with one of our surveyors.


Dorset Land Surveying has twenty years of experience in supporting civil engineering projects of all shapes and sizes. From simple sewer diversions to motorway interchanges, from airport runways to continuous bored-pile retaining walls, we have engineers with experience of supporting projects similar to yours.

As with any outdoor project, civil engineering is the business of constantly encountering and overcoming the unexpected. Unforeseen obstructions, adverse weather and a whole series of logistical problems combine to modify schedules and either pull forward or set back the time slot for surveying services. That is when you need flexibility and reliability from your engineers; the flexibility to be there as the time window opens and the reliability to complete the task by the time the window closes. If you have a project that you would like to discuss, contact one of our engineers now and chat through your particular requirements.


For any enquiries, please get in touch with Dorset Land Surveying.