Dorset Land Surveying


A key element to our role in supporting the development industry is our ability in the field of construction surveying and setting out. We have thirty years’ experience of marking out every conceivable type of work.

Dorset Land Surveying has been responsible for innovations in the way that projects are geomatically controlled and set out;  doing away with cumbersome old-fashioned techniques such as profile boards and string which impinged on site movement and techniques to introduce fast accurate and cost effective marking of each required element at the necessary point in time in the development phase.  We operate four efficient and professional teams of setting out engineers which mean that if one of our survey teams is tied up on a job in Yorkshire, you will not be let down on your site. We understand the increasing pressure upon developers to complete tasks within ever decreasing time windows.

Wherever possible we operate a fully digital –  design drawing to pegged out on the ground – site process without the need or the opportunity for human error to intercede. Quality control is of paramount importance with major checking processes occurring at drawing issue, calculation and site complete stages. Time and time again the quality control processes that we employ have snagged construction problems before they have occurred saving time, disruption and money for our clients.


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